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Axel is a two year old, 15 hand Standardbred gelding. Axel's mother, a mare named Sweet Caroline N, came to Racer Placers from a slaughter sale in Pennsylvania and was with foal at the time, although this was not revealed at the sale! From the time Axel was a few hours old, his engaging personality captured the heart of everyone who met him. He has proven to have his mother's sweet, mannerly and curious nature. He is happy when offered new learning opportunities, and enters every experience with interest and willingness. Axel will be three years old in May of 2020, and will then be ready for saddle training. He really is an unusual horse.

Isabella Schneider 

My name is Isabella Schneider. I started taking lessons when I was 6 years old. One year later I started to lease a horse named Rio, he taught me the basics of caring for horses. When I was 9 years old we bought my first horse Kahlua. Throughout the 7 years I have owned her she taught me the ups and downs of owning a horse. She has taught me patience, responsibility, and most importantly the love I have for horses.

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