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Buddy is a yearling Standardbred gelding. He is about 13 hands tall, and is a real sweetheart. Buddy is very calm for a yearling, and he learns quickly. He loves people and gets along with everyone. Buddy is going to grow into a wonderful equine partner for someone willing to give him time to mature before putting him to work.

Mason Blazewicz

My name is Mason from Palmyra, WI and I am 13 years old and have been working with horses since I was 9. When I was 9 I was not as brave as I am now. Before I was scared to ride the horse I was working with and did not have the confidence to work with other horses. Today I would get on almost any horse. The horse I rode before was a black Quarter Horse named Dori. I rode and showed her for 1 year and then I switched to Boon. Boon is a Quarter Horse also. I am still currently showing Boon and I have learned a lot at the barn practicing and in the show arena. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the different types of horses and how to ride them and work with them. My dad last summer adopted a mustang and I have enjoyed helping him to ride and teaching the horse confidence in having a rider.

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