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Fiona is a two year old, 14.2 hand paint filly of unknown ancestry. She was born to a mare who came to Racer Placers from a slaughter sale in Pennsylvania. Fiona has been very well handled since birth, and she is sweet, curious, has good ground manners and is eager to learn. Fiona is calm by nature and seems to take everything in stride. Fiona will be three years old in January of 2020, and will then be ready for saddle training, which will just be one more thing she will enjoy learning.

I started doing chores in exchange for riding time at my barn when I was 9. Since that time I have been given many opportunities that have allowed me to grow both in my work with horses and in my everyday life. I have worked with a number of horses, including a rescue horse and a 2 year old, and assist my trainer with other horses around the farm, along with teaching lessons to other riders. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity for me to expand my experience as a trainer and to possibly better the life of a rescue horse.

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