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Incredible Brando

Brando is a 15 year old Standardbred gelding. He is sweet, loves people, and is hoping for a career as a pleasure driving horse. After leaving the track several years ago, Brando has just been "being a horse". He has a tilted pelvis, so is not suitable for riding, but does well driving and is not lame. He is everyone's friend, and he gets along with other horses.

Katrina Arndt

I have always wanted to have a horse. My mom refused to get me one until I was older and then said I had to have riding lessons and learn more about them, including how to take care of them. I started taking lessons at Winding River Stables with Robyn. She made things easy to learn and after a year I was able to get my first horse. Pedro was very challenging. He needed to be a one-person horse so he would be able to feel more confident. I spent a lot of time working on groundwork and desensitizing with him, in addition to riding. He is now my best friend and partner.

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