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Rambo is a 4 year old Standardbred/Dutch Harness Horse cross. He is a big boy at 17 hands, and he came to us very recently from an auction. He has been harness trained, but becomes nervous in harness. Rambo is friendly and kind and loves attention, and we believe he will be fine as he learns from Jordyn that people can actually be a pretty good deal.

Jordyn Jaeger

Hi my name is Jordyn. I am from Lake Mills, WI. I am 16 and have been working with and showing horses for 5 years. I have primarily worked with the American Quarter horse breed. Throughout these five years I have grown a lot with horses and have shown 3 different horses that were all very different two were mainly western type horses and the one I’m currently riding does both English and Western. I learn a lot from the horses I work with. Not only do I learn more about them as a horse but about myself as well. “Why do I ride horses? Because I look at my horse, and I see my hopes and dreams. I see my happiness. I see my success. I see my pride and soul. I look in a mirror and I see a person. I look at my horse and I see myself.”

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