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Spike is a 15 year old, 13 hand Hackney pony gelding. Spike was harness trained at some point in his past, but was rather untrusting when donated to Racer Placers' program. However, since then, he has become much more trusting and has proven himself to be a fun driving pony for an experienced driver. He really gets down to work in harness, and can make someone a really nice driving companion. With additional work, he could probably be a nice saddle pony for a child or small adult.

Amber Hofmaier

Amber began riding horses 6 years back, she got her first horse Mr. Bingley, a previous Racers Placers rescue, 4 years ago. Amber and Bingley have been spending their time together jumping, showing and continuing to strengthen their bond. In January of 2019, Amber picked up a wild mustang and spent the next 90 days training him for the Midwest Horse Fair TIP Challenge. Amber and the mustang now known as Atlas took 14th overall against adult and youth trainers.

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