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Virtual Coaching FAQs

-What is the difference between Virtual Lessons and Virtual Reviews? Both Virtual Lessons and Virtual Reviews consist of submitting a video, the difference is: Virtual Lesson- you will have a one-on-one Zoom call discussion and review with Amanda. Virtual Reviews- are specific written reviews of the video frame by frame. See example of a review sheet here.

-Do I need a computer? No. The review is sent in a Google Sheets format or PDF file.

-What should I do in the video? Anything! If you're not sure what to do, ride a Dressage test, horsemanship pattern, or just ride around and take your horse through their gaits. You can showcase any problem you're having with your riding or training. 

-Do I have to ride my horse? No. Submit videos of anything at all. Driving, lunging, trailer loading, obstacles, anything at all!

-Can I video tape on my phone? Yes. You can use a phone, tablet or anything else. Just realize that the higher quality of the video will allow for a better detailed review. Its also helpful to film in landscape mode.

-Do I need a tripod? No. You can set you're device on anything solid. Zooming in and out will also allow for better detailed reviews, but isn't required.

-Can the video be shorter than 5 min? Yes. There's no real minimum required.

-How do I upload and send in my video? You can upload the video to YouTube (unlisted or public) and attach the link into the registrations form.

-Can I play music with my video? Yes.

-Can I clip together several videos into one? Yes.

-Can there be voice over my video? Yes.

-How do I send payment? Payment will be submitted with the registration form.

-Do I have to be an ILHA member to submit a Run a Pattern, Fix a Pattern? No! This is a great opportunity to try out the ILHA patterns without having to compete. Patterns can be found HERE.

Any other questions, please ask!!!

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