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Virtual Coaching FAQs

-Do I need a computer? No. The review is sent in a Google Sheets format or PDF file.

-What should I do in the video? Anything! If you're not sure what to do, ride a Dressage test, horsemanship pattern, or just ride around and take your horse through their gaits. You can showcase any problem you're having with your riding or training. 

-Do I have to ride my horse? No. Submit videos of anything at all. Driving, lunging, trailer loading, obstacles, anything at all!

-Can I video tape on my phone? Yes. You can use a phone, tablet or anything else. Just realize that the higher quality of the video will allow for a better detailed review.

-Do I need a tripod? No. You can set you're device on anything solid. Zooming in and out will also allow for better detailed reviews, but isn't required.

-Can the video be shorter than 5 min? Yes. There's no real minimum required.

-How do I upload and send in my video? You can upload the video to YouTube (unlisted or public) and send me the link or you can send the video in clips through Facebook. There's also the option to just send it as an attachment to an email.

-How soon after will I receive my review? Typically you will receive your review within 3 to 5 days, guaranteed in 7 days.

-Can I play music with my video? Yes.

-Can I clip together several videos into one? Yes.

-Can there be voice over my video? Yes.

-How do I send payment? I can send you an invoice through a Paypal account, or a request through Venmo. Otherwise, you can always mail a check.

Any other questions,please ask!!!

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