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"It's winter, what can I do with my horse?"

Join to gain access to this great program where we will be offering a total of 14 Virtual Training Sessions Nov-Feb (roughly 1 per week). These training sessions will be training videos posted right to a Closed Facebook Group, where you as a member can interact, ask questions, start discussions and gain more feedback. Each video session will showcase training topics that are easy to do through the cold winter months, giving you and your horse something simple but important to focus on. The training will be laid out in step-by-step format and I can guarantee there will be something for everyone and every horse!

Membership access fee is only $50 per person! Contact us to register!

Here are a few examples of training topics...

-Ground tying

-Trailer loading w/o a trailer


-Lateral control

-Easy DIY Obstacles

-And MORE! 

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