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Youth Horse Rescue Project 2019

 This is not your typical training competition. This is an event to help showcase the versatility, trainability and potential of rescued horses. We believe there are great opportunities for the youth accepted to learn responsibility as well as develop their horsemanship skills from this summer project. Any training or competing during this program will be in-hand only, no riding.

 Selected youth will be teamed up with a rescue horse provided by Racer Placers where they will have the summer to train and build a relationship with their partner to then showcase at our Expo event on August 24th at the Ozaukee County Fair Grounds. Each youth will compete in a series of classes showing the horse’s health, handling skills and adoptability. Individually as a horse and handler team, they will earn points within the classes to receive awards and prizes at the event, youth will NOT be competing against other youth.

Rules & Regulations

Click below to view the complete rules and regulations for the Project. Find out more about the Expo Event requirements.

Youth/Horse Teams

Find out more about the selected youth and the horses available for adoption!

Expo Event Flyer


Meet the Judge


All horses deserve the chance at least once in their lives to be loved by a child

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